Monday, April 21, 2014

At Auction: Heritage Illustration Art Signature Auction May 7, 2014

Gil Elvgren (1914-1980)
Thinking of You (Retirement Plan) (1962)
oil on canvas
30 X 24 in.

The annual spring sale of Illustration Art will take place at Heritage Auctions in Beverly Hills on May 7th, and as has become the usual for Heritage, the selection is deep and varied.  Among the 657 lots are works representing fantasy & sci-fi, pulp, men's adventure art, advertisements, calendar art, auto memorabilia, children's books, greeting cards, romance, editorial, and, or course, pin-up (in which Heritage seems to specialize).  And the artists featured in the sale are veritable who's who of 20th century illustration with such notables as Gil Elvgren, Tom Lovell, Henry Pitz, Mead Schaeffer, Haddon Sundblom, Robert McGinnis, Robert Maguire, Dean Cornwell, Jeffrey Jones, Boris Vallejo, Michael Whelan, J.C. Berkey, Bob Eggleton, Patrick Nagel, Rowena, Rolf Armstrong, James Avati, Chesley Bonestell, Olivia, Greg and Tim Hildebrandt . . .   the list just goes on and on (though some artists, like Norman Rockwell and J.C. Lyendecker, were moved to the American Art Auction being held May 10th in Dallas).  It is always a very exciting sale, with something for everyone, and with opening bids low enough to tempt even the strapped art-lover to throw in an offer.

Heritage Auctions' Illustration Art Signature Auction #5165 will begin at 11:00 AM PT on May 7th.  Previews for Session 1 of the sale (249 lots) will take place May 5th and 6th (10:00 AM - 6:00 PM each day) at the Heritage facility on Olympic Boulevard in Beverly Hills.  The entire catalogue can also be viewed online at the Heritage website.

Gil Elvgren (1914-1980)
A Refreshing Lift (1970)
oil on canvas
30 X 24 in.

Gil Elvgren (1914-1980)
Nude Pin-Up with Bonnet
pencil on vellum
22 X 14 in.

Gil Elvgren (1914-1980)
A Cool Beverage
oil on canvas board
14 ¾ X 19 ¾ in.

Haddon Hubbard Sunblom (1899-1976)
Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company Advertisement
oil on board
12 X 27 in.

Kenneth Pauling Riley (b. 1919)
Glidden Tours Test Man & Machine, 1906 Pierce Great Arrow, 1906 Pope, Hartford, and Reo;
Great Moments in Early American Motoring
acrylic on board
20 ½ X 27 in.

Kenneth Pauling Riley (b. 1919)
New England Clambake, 1912 Oldsmobile, Great Moments in Early American Motoring, 1970
acrylic on board
21 ½ X 27 in.

Harry Anderson (1906-1996)
Pier Scene, Great Moments in American Motoring
gouache and tempera on board
21 X 26 ½ in.

Harry Anderson (1906-1996)
Ghost Town, Bodie, California, 1932 Lincoln Convertible, Great Moments in Early American Motoring
gouache and tempera on board
26 ¼ X 21 in.

Harry Anderson (1906-1996)
Pioneer American Skiers, 1937 Cord, Great Moments in Early American Motoring
gouache and tempera on board
21 X 26 ½ in.

John Duillo (b. 1928)
Stranded at Sea
gouache on board
21 X 14 in.

John Conrad Berkey (1932-2008)
The Humanoid Touch (1980)
acrylic and casein on board
24 ¼ X 14 ¾ in.

Jeffrey Jones (1944-2011)
Dark of the Woods (1970)
mixed media on paper
22 X 12 in.

Boris Vallejo (b. 1941)
The Lavalite World (1977)
listed as acrylic on board;  more likely oil, or oil over acrylic
25 X 16 in.

Bob Eggleton (b. 1960)
Exploring the Red Planet
acrylic on board
17 ½ X 13 ½ in.

Michael Whelan (b. 1950)
The Swords of Aldones (1976)
acrylic on board
27 ½ X 18 in.

Michael Whelan (b. 1950)
Renegade of Kregan (sketch) (c. 1976)
acrylic on board
5 ½ X 4 ¼ in.

Wil Hulsey
Lizards from Hell
oil on board
26 ½ X 20 in.

Leo and Diane Dillon (1933-2012 / b. 1933)
Stargate (1982)
pastel, watercolor, and acrylic on board
23 ½ X 15 ½ in.

Steve Hanks (b. 1949)
Veiled in Mystery (2001)
watercolor on board
14 X 6 ¼ in.

Tom Lovell (1909-1997)
Couple Lounging
oil on canvas
24 ½ X 30 ½ in.

Patrick Nagel (1945-1984)
Untitled (Her Look)  (1983)
acrylic on canvas
36 X 33 in.
Robert McGinnis (b. 1926)
So Lush, So Deadly (1970)
gouache on board
11 X 15 in.

Paul Calle (1928-2010)
pen and ink on paper
22 ¼ X 16 in.

Roy G. Krenkel (1918-1983)
The Tepidarium - The Baths of Caracalla
pen on tracing paper
11 ½ X 8 ¾ in.

James Montgomery Flagg (1877-1960)
Artists are the Craziest People
pencil and watercolor on paper
8 ½ X 11 in.

Grant Tyson Reynard (1887-1968)
Picnicking Lovers (1917)
charcoal on paper laid on board
16 ½ X 14 ¼ in.

Dean Cornwell (1892-1960)
Pursuit (1921)
oil on board
21 X 19 in.

Mead Schaeffer (1898-1980)
Night Hunt Scene Study
oil on hardboard
12 X 16 in.

Robert Maguire (1921-2005)
Regent Square (1979)
oil on board
28 ½ X 21 in.

Robert Maguire (1921-2005)
A Love Match (1991)
oil on board
30 X 21 ½ in.

Earl Moran (1893-1984)
Reclining Nude
oil on board
24 X 40 in.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

2014 BP Portrait Awards Shortlist

In what must have seemed a herculean task, this year's judges for the BP Portrait Award – writer Joanna Trollope; Director of the Holburne Museum, Dr. Alexander Sturgis: Director of UK Arts and Culture for BP, Des Violaris; artist Jonathan Yeo; Contemporary Curator at the National Portrait Gallery, Sarah Howgate: and National Portrait Gallery director Sandy Nairne – pored over the record-breaking 2,377 entries from 71 different countries to establish which three works would be shortlisted for the grand prize.  Those finalists are:  Englishman Richard Twose for his painting of septuagenerian fashionista Jean Woods, German Thomas Ganter for his painting of Karel, a homeless person, in Man with a Plaid Blanket, and American David Jon Kassan for Letter to my Mom, a very personal portrait of his mother, Roberta.  Whichever man wins will receive a £30,000 ($50,375) cash award, plus the chance to complete a portrait commission for the permanent collection of London's National Portrait Gallery worth £5,000.  The winner and other prize recipients will be announced June 24th, two days before the BP Portrait Award Show opens at the National Portrait Gallery.  All three finalists' works will be on view then, alongside 52 other works chosen from this year's field.

For more information, please visit the Bp Awards Page at the National Portrait Gallery's website.  

David Jon Kassan
Letter to My Mom
oil on aluminum panel
124.5 X 81 cm

"Brooklyn-based artist David Jon Kassan, born in Little Rock, Arkansas, invited his mother to sit for him in his studio while she made a brief stop on her way to Europe. She was reluctant and in order to persuade her he had to bribe her with a painting of his son Lucas.

He says: ‘My work is very personal and heartfelt. It’s my visual diary, so my family and loved ones make up a large part of what and why I paint. My parents have always been inspirational to paint. This portrait is a letter to my mom, who hates it when I paint her. But I tell her in the painting that by painting her, it is my way of spending time with her, contemplating our relationship and time together, my earliest memories. The Hebrew text reads: ‘Dear Mom,/ This painting is my way to spend more time with you./ My way to meditate on our life together./ And all of the earliest memories I have/All of my earliest memories from you’."

Richard Twose
Jean Woods
oil on board
90 X 60 cm

"Richard Twose is an artist and teacher based in Bath and it was there that he first saw the sitter of his portrait, Jean Woods. He was impressed not only by her striking looks and style, but also by the depth of character in her face. Following the broadcast of Channel Four's documentary Fabulous Fashionistas which featured Jean, Richard’s daughter told him she was the grandmother of a friend. After calling and asking her to sit for him, he was struck by her professionalism – derived from her recent experience as a fashion model and from a quality of stillness she seemed to possess naturally.

He says: ‘Sometimes as Jean was talking, especially about her much-missed late husband, she reminded me of Rembrandt's Portrait of Margaretha de Geer. Jean has a similar intensity and honesty in her gaze. I wanted to capture that sense of someone who has learnt to be almost fearless, looking forward to life still but with a great richness of experience behind her’."

Thomas Ganter
Man with a Plaid Blanket
oil on canvas
160 X 60 cm

"Thomas Ganter is an artist and illustrator from Frankfurt/Main, Germany. His shortlisted portrait of Karel, a homeless man he encountered following a visit to a museum, invites the viewer to contemplate the coexistence of wealth and poverty.

He says: ‘After being in a museum, I saw a homeless man and was stunned by a similarity: the clothes, the pose, and other details resembled what I just saw in various paintings. However, this time I was looking at a homeless person wrapped in a blanket. By portraying a homeless man in a manner reserved for nobles or saints, I tried to emphasise that everyone deserves respect and care. Human dignity shouldn’t be relative or dependent on socio-economic status’."

In the Galleries: Haynes Galleries, TN - Celebrating the Portrait as Art (updated)

Stephen Bauman
When I Was Young
oil on canvas
55 X 45 ¼ in.

If you have been to one of the Portrait Society of America's annual conferences in the past several years, you have likely seen Gary Haynes of the Haynes Galleries.  Gary has never confided this in me, but I think he really LOVES portraits.  I have seen him moving about excitedly, like a kid in a candy shop, carefully examining everyone's competition entries, face-off paintings, and portfolios during the conference weekends.  And if I have ever seen him disappointed, it would probably only be because there were not even more works for him to enjoy.

This year it seems Haynes has found a way to better sate his appetite for more portraits – and ours as well – by hosting a portrait exhibit at his Nashville gallery that will run during this year's Art of the Portrait conference.  "Celebrating the Portrait as Art," the gallery's new show, features artworks which, though very traditional in genre, are part of a more contemporary view of portraits as works which can, "transcend time and personal relationships," and thereby appeal to everyone – whether the viewer knows the sitter or not.  "These works capture much more than a likeness," says Haynes. "They capture mood, essence, and emotion."

Many of the artists in the show will be very familiar, especially to members of the Portrait Society of America;  several of those featured in the show have previously been finalists at the Art of the Portrait International Portrait Competition.  And some, like Seth Haverkamp, T.J. Cunningham, and Alicia Ponzio are once again finalists this year (this does mean that some of the artworks in the show will be on leave from April 24th through the 27th so they can be on view at the conference in Washington, D.C.).

"Celebrating the Portrait as Art" opens April 18th and runs through May 24th at Haynes' Nashville Gallery.  An opening reception will take place on the 18th, from 5:00 to 7:30 PM.

Haynes Galleries is located at 1600 Division Street., on the Music Row Roundabout in Nashville. The gallery hours are 10 PM - 4 PM, Tuesday through Saturday, and by appointment. For more information, please visit or email

Burt Silverman
Summer Hatoil on linen
13 X 10 ½ in.

Burt Silverman
Light With II
oil on canvas
16 X 21 in.

Katie O'Hagan
True North
oil on canvas
30 X 38 in.

Joseph Todorovitch
The Hunt
oil on board
24 X 17 in.

Ellen Cooper
oil on linen
48 X 32 in.

Aaron Westerberg
Self Portrait
oil on panel
30 X 20 in.

Candice Bohannon
Bear the Light
oil on canvas
28 X 33 in.

Carla Crawford
Lisa Asleep
oil on canvas
11 X 18 in.

Cindy Procious
But I Have Promises to Keep
oil on panel
20 X 16 in.

Jesus Villarreal
oil on panel
12 ¼ X 9 in.

Joseph Dolderer
Miss Ellie
oil on linen
30 X 24 in.

Gregory Mortenson
Pearl Earring
oil on linen
17 X 11 in.

Martin Arnold
Lauren Seated
oil on panel
48 X 28 in.

Marc Dalessio
Self Portrait
oil on canvas
55 ½ X 47 in.

Kerry Dunn
Toto & I
oil on canvas
40 X 30 in.

Lea Colie Wight
oil on linen
20 X 26 in.

Michael Siegal
The Philosopher
oil on panel
24 X 20 in.

Ryan S. Brown
pencil and white charcoal on paper
10 X 10 ½ in.

Milixa MorĂ³n
Lisa Chica Lunar
oil on linen
39 ⅜ X 27 ½ in.

Richard Greathouse
Wall of Opposites
oil on canvas
99 ⅝ X 66 ⅞ in.

Tamie Beldue
Mellow Vignette IV
graphite, watercolor, and encaustic
11 ¼ X 7 ½ in.

Seth Haverkamp
oil on panel
36 X 24 in.

Seth Haverkamp
Essie's Unicorn
oil on panel
24 X 36 in.

Alicia Ponzio
The Letting Go
bronze on belgian marble base
62 X 31 X 16 in.

Daniel Sinclair
11 X 6 X 5 in.

Alia El-Bermani
Kitchen Window
oil on panel
48 X 36 in.

Stephanie Rew
The Marabou Fan
oil on panel
19 ⅝ X 15 ¾ in.

T.J. Cunningham
oil on linen
48 X 24 in.

Suchitra Bhosle
Portrait of a Gypsy
oil on hardboard
20 X 16 in.

Linda Tracey Brandon
oil on panel
64 X 48 in.

Terry Strickland
Ode to Melancholy
oil on panel
24 X 36 in.